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Results of CERSAIE 2019

Results of CERSAIE 2019

CERSAIE 2019 is the largest international exhibition of companies manufacturing ceramic tiles, porcelain stoneware, furniture and interior items for bathrooms, which took place from 23 to 27 September in the territory of the Fiera di Bologna Exhibition Complex (Bologna, Italy)

What is remarkable about CERSAIE? The scale of the event, in the first place. This year the exhibition was visited by more than 100 thousand people and 852 companies from 40 countries, new solutions and technologies demonstrated by manufacturers from Europe, Asia, Africa, the Americas affirmed the international character of this event

Representatives from VELVEX company - the bathroom furniture manufacturing company from Russia - were among the first to get acquainted with the presentation of new products and technologies, attended lectures of famous architects and got acquainted with the latest trends in the bathroom design.

VELVEX team has prepared CERSAIE 2019 digest for customers and partners

Is Loft still trendy?

Yes, absolutely! Loft style is still popular in Europe. Moreover it becomes increasingly widespread in Asia and Russia. Traditionally, the new collections are dominated by straight, concise forms with the use of wooden and metal elements. Reliability, aesthetic beauty, minimalism - these are the three main distinctive features of Loft style appreciated by leading European designers and furniture manufacturers


VELVEX company has been producing bathroom furniture in Loft style since 2016. This line is distinguished by the use of natural materials and flawless German fittings

Round mirrors worshipped

A circle is a symbol of completeness. The magical surface having no corners brings order and tranquility to the house. Round and oval mirrors are at the peak of popularity, and the latest design ideas presented at CERSAIE are another proof of this.


Another new VELVEX collection of 2019 - Happy Julia. The distinctive feature of the collection is the use of round mirrors of 60 - 100 cm diameter with soft lighting

Colored wash sinks

The most striking trend is the use of colored sinks in the interior of bathrooms. This bold step of bathroom equipment manufacturers left no visitors indifferent. Pink or citreous? Or maybe olive-green? The choice of sink color is no longer limited to black and white options, pastel colors have become trendy.


No doubt that in the near future colored sinks will become more and more widespread across Europe.

Countertops and unit furniture

Customized design, functionality and affordability. How can one combine these advantages in one bathroom? Especially when it comes to a non-standard layout? Unit furniture is likely the most simple and accurate answer to this complex question.

Unlike serial sets of furniture, the unit sets allow to arrange each item in the way you want it. Each element of the unit set can have different width and height, function and color. So the only boarder limiting your creativity is the size of your bathroom.

Unit sets based on bathroom countertops is an undisputed trend of 2019

UNIQUE UNIT, мебель для ванной, модульная мебель

The 2019 VELVEX UNIQUE UNIT furniture collection embodies the idea of modularity, so you can feel like an explorer and designer. Create your own set by combining colors and textures, sizes and volumes yourself. This will be your own unique composition!

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